Order Consolidation Service

How does our package consolidation service work?

You save up to 50% on international shipping!

You can combine newly placed orders with existing orders during the checkout process or within 7 days of receiving your shipping quote.

  • FREE secured storage for the first 30 days.

  • After 30 days, we will store your items for up to 60 days at a price of 500 yen.

  • Extra large and fragile items are shipped separately.

Use our package consolidation service to ship multiple orders at once and save on shipping fees from Japan. ProxyRabbit Japan makes Japanese shopping easy and affordable!

1.Use proxyrabbitjapan.net to buy items online from multiple stores

2.Choose consolidation and combine your items into one box

3.We ship your orders quickly and securely

Use proxyrabbitjapan.net to buy items online from multiple stores
Use proxyrabbitjapan.net to buy items online from multiple stores

Our consolidation service allows you to order items from multiple stores (or the same store but at different times) and combine them into a single package. Here are four reasons why order consolidation will help you improve your customer experience.

Why choose proxyrabbitjapan.net for package consolidation?

We use fewer boxes and packing materials when we consolidate shipping, which reduces both the dimensions and actual weight of your shipment. As international transportation and delivery costs have increased, consolidating orders reduces EMS and airmail shipping costs.

1. A free and high-quality service.

We can handle your items more efficiently and they have less room to move around in transit.

2. Quality. Choice. We reduce the risk of damage

3. Improved quality control

Unlike other proxy services, we constantly check the quality of your items. If a product is damaged or defective, we will immediately contact the seller and request a refund or exchange. proxyrabbitjapan.net offers the best possible shopping experience, from ordering to delivery to your door.

Case study


Hikaru Utada - Hatsukoi [Used Like New CD] Japanese Edition

Usually ships in 2-3 days


Boys 2023 Edition (ART BOOK OF SELECTED ILLUSTRATION) Tankobon Softcover – February 24, 2023


Ohsama Sentai King Oger dot picture T-shirt [for adults] - Release date : April 2023

You save up to 50% on international shipping!

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