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Effective from August 25, 2023

1. About proxyrabbitjapan.net


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Services : Orders / Pre-orders / Proxy Buying Service / Proxy Bidding Service / Assistance — proxyrabbitjapan.net is a Japanese company that provides proxy services to help customers buy Japanese products online.

Websites : proxyrabbitjapan.net - proxyrabbitjapan.com


As user of this website (referred to as "you/your") you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make ("use/using") is subject to our terms and conditions below. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.


Orders by mail are not accepted. Use our online order form(s) to place your order.

Fees and prices are non-negotiable.


Orders are subject to availability and acceptance by us.

The Site requires you to provide personal information in order to make purchases. Please provide your real name, shipping address, e-mail address, and other requested information. Orders will not be accepted unless all requested details are entered accurately.

By placing an order you are committing to follow through with the purchase, so only place an order if you are happy to buy the items. If you have unpaid or cancelled orders, your account may be permanently suspended.

Any direct transaction, appraisal, price negotiation made directly with the seller (through auctions or on second-hand product sales websites) without our prior knowledge or authorization will result in the closure of your account with proxyrabbitjapan.net. We reserve the right to cancel the transaction in order to prevent any fraudulent activity.


Please consult that page

Goods are subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply the goods, we will inform you of this as soon as possible.

A deposit is required to secure your order(s) with the remainder to be paid prior to delivery.

1st payment/deposit amount includes the total cost of your item plus domestic shipping, International Shipping costs, Service fees, and other charges are calculated separately.

Payment due date: within 24 hours of your invoice date.

2nd Payment / the outstanding balance dueItem(s) price less any deposit you have already paid, domestic and international shipping fee, yahoo fee (auctions), Service, packaging and transaction feesPayment due date:

Payment is due within 3 days of the date of your invoice.

Fraud / Abuse

If, we suspect fraud or a threat to the security of this Site, we reserve the right share our server logs — which contain users' IP addresses and users' personally identifiable information — with the appropriate investigative authorities, who could use that information to trace and identify individuals.


We ship worldwide : please consult that page

Japan Post provides shipping rates for international shipping. Only Japan Post's calculation is valid.

It is our policy to only ship to the address provided by Payoneer and/or STRIPE.

Local taxes and import duties may be incurred in some countries and are not included in the amounts shown. The buyer is responsible for all such taxes and duties. Our products are sold worldwide and we cannot guarantee that they meet the import requirements of every country. Please check with your country's customs office prior to ordering.


Please consult this page : Consolidation Service

  • Option available on request only.

  • If the buyer fails to complete the purchase, standard conditions apply.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your order if we don't hear from you within 3 days of receiving your shipping quote and/or final invoice.


proxyrabbitjapan.net commits to acquiring those items especially for you on the Japanese Market.

A cancellation fee will apply to all cancellation:

20% of purchase price.

Transaction fees, Handling and Service fees are NOT refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel any purchase (an order already accepted by us) in (among others) the following situations:

  • the product is not available / in stock,

  • if the buyer (you) has not completed the transaction within 5 days.

  • there was an error in the price quote,

  • your billing information is not correct or not verifiable,

  • your order is flagged up by our security systems as an unusual order or an order susceptible to fraud,

  • we have reason to believe you are under 16,

  • we have reason to believe that you are unable to read or understand our Terms and Conditions,

  • we could not deliver to the address provided by you.


Exchanges: We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective.

Items that have been used by the customer or damaged by use cannot be returned. Also, we cannot accept returns on orders that do not include a promotional items.

Return period: within 7 days of receipt.

Non-returnable Items

  • Auctions items / Flea market Items (Mercari/Yahoo/ FRIL) : non-refundable, non-exchangeable.

  • Items that are damaged or abused.

  • Items that are missing accessories such as remote controls, cords, and cables.

  • Etched or otherwise personalized items.

  • Opened computer software, movies, music and video games.

  • Microphones, musical instruments, and similar products.

How to return your order ?

Items must be returned in NEW (unused, untested, and resalable) condition, in the original manufacturer packaging, promotional items included within 7 days of receipt.

For proof of delivery, we recommend that you return items by EMS or similar.

Upon receipt of the returned product, we will fully examine it and notify you via e-mail, within a reasonable period of time, whether you are entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price, using the original method of payment.

proxyrabbitjapan.net reserves the right to deny any return or exchange.

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Return shipping costs are non-refundable.

You are responsible for any loss or damage to hardware during shipment. We do not guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

if you have not received your order, and feel your package may be lost, please contact us. All packages shipped by proxyrabbitjapan.net are insured for 100% of the packages' value. If your package is in fact lost, we will either replace your item, credit your account for the amount due, or offer you a refund for the amount of the package's value.

Before we can file a claim for a lost package, we must allow the Postal Services the full time allotted for delivery. Here is the timetable for tracing lost packages:

  • Registered SAL: 40 business days from the day the order was shipped

  • Registered airmail: 30 business days from the day the order was shipped

  • EMS: 21 days business days from the day the order was shipped

STRIPE claims, chargebacks and/or disputes are not allowed or tolerated at proxyrabbitjapan.net. Complaints or chargebacks lead to immediate and irreversible ban from using our services.

COVID-19 pandemic / Events beyond our reasonable control.

If your package was not delivered within the time frames listed above, please contact us as soon as possible. We will request an investigation by submitting a tracking claim to Japan Post. Please note, however, that the postal service will not search for a package if it was shipped more than six months ago. If you fail to contact us within six months from the day your order was shipped, or contact us more than six months after your package shipped after we asked that you contact us by an earlier date if your package had not reached you, we regret that it will not be possible for us to assist you.


Your order must be paid in full, including the purchase price, additional fees and shipping costs. Transaction fees, Handling and Service fees are NOT refundable.

Please note that,

  • no refund request will be accepted if the transaction is older than or equal to 110 days,

  • we do not provide refunds for unclaimed packages,

  • If delivery is refused or an order is canceled after the order has shipped, additional shipping, handling and restocking fees will apply,

  • we do not bear the costs of unpaid customs fees. Customers who refuse to pay customs fees cannot get their orders refunded.

  • proxyrabbitjapan.net will definitively ban any buyer who refuses to pay for customs charges and duties.


  • Artifacts

  • Currency and Stamps

  • Crude Oil

  • Credit Cards

  • Drugs & Associated Paraphernalia

  • Ethnically or Racially Offensive Material

  • Financial Services

  • Firearms, Ammunition, Weapons, Explosives

  • Intangible goods and services, including club registration, digital goods, digital music, digital books, digital games, travel tickets and software downloads

  • Tobacco Products, wines, Whisky, and other alcoholic beverages

  • Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals

  • Government-Issued IDs, Licenses and Uniforms

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Human Parts and Remains

  • Mailing Lists and Personal Information

  • Medical and Healthcare Service

  • Non-transferable Items

  • Police-Related Items

  • Pornographic Materials and Adult Products. Child pornography, adult videos or other materials of an obscene nature.

  • PRJ has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography/ PRJ Will report to the appropriate authorities any User who publishes or distributes child pornography, or who promotes material that is or purports to be child pornography

  • Prescription Drugs and Devices

  • Items whose transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries)

  • Replica and Counterfeit Items

  • Circumvention Devices and Hacking Equipment

  • Unauthorized Copies of Intellectual Property

  • Veterinary Products and Drugs for Animals

  • Wildlife and Animal Products

  • Trading cards : please contact us


1/ Please note that using ALL capital letters to emphasize or highlight your message is considered to be rude, and can be interpreted as shouting at someone in terms of email etiquette. We recommend using diplomatic language. Otherwise, we would be obliged to refuse your requests. We thank you for your understanding.

2/ proxyrabbitjapan.net reserves the right to reject all or part of an order or request without prior notice for reasons such as:

(a) If we detect suspicious or fraudulent activity from your IP address or email.

(b) If we detect suspicious or fraudulent activity in violation of these Terms.

(c) If you have provided false or incomplete personal information.

(d) If you have created, posted, or disclosed offensive or derogatory information about our company or its employees.

3/ Any direct transaction, appraisal, price negotiation made directly with the seller (through auctions or on second-hand product sales websites) without our prior knowledge or authorization will result in the closure of your account with proxyrabbitjapan.net. We reserve the right to cancel the transaction in order to prevent any fraudulent activity.


The contract between us shall be governed by the laws of Japan and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of Japan. English is the only language offered for the conclusion of the contract.

Any fraudulent use, unauthorized access, reproduction, alteration, counterfeiting, imitation, or misrepresentation of proxyrabbitjapan.net and / or proxyrabbitjapan.com, including their content and trademarks, will be subject to legal action. We reserve the right to pursue legal remedies against individuals or entities involved in such activities to recover any financial and reputational damages suffered by our representatives and the website's team.

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