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proxyrabbitjapan-net How to Place Your Order?
proxyrabbitjapan-net How to Place Your Order?

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Mercari,  Fril, and PayPay Flea Market
Mercari,  Fril, and PayPay Flea Market

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In order to prevent the circulation of counterfeit products, we do not accept transactions for second-hand items without certified origin and/or priced above 60,000 JPY

Mercari, FRIL, and PayPay Flea Market are popular online marketplaces that allow users to buy a wide variety of items, with a focus on local transactions and peer-to-peer selling: fashion items, electronics, toys, and more.

You can purchase items at lower prices than those purchased new or from traditional retailers (Amazon, Rakuten, etc.). Additionally, these online stores offer a seller rating system, which can help you make informed decisions when choosing a seller to buy from.

Why are Japanese flea market websites so advantageous?, the best Mercari Japan shopping proxy service, enables you to buy Japanese products online and have them shipped to your address overseas. We act as your proxy to shop on Mercari and other second-hand stores online.

Questions and Reviews

Many sellers offer their products on both Mercari and FRIL. We order goods from all flea market vendors in Japan. However, there is one condition: the seller must deliver your items to our warehouses.

" Can you order goods for me from all Mercari Sellers ? "

" Mercari is announcing their collaboration with another Proxy Service . I'm gonna use May I send you my order request? "

You're welcome for sure. By purchasing from Mercari, you are free to use the Proxy Service that best serves your needs. If you wish, we will be sure to place your order at the lowest possible price and send it to you with the utmost care and packing.