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Please select "Proxy Buying and Bidding Service" from the top menu. Copy the entire product link from your preferred Japanese online store and paste the product link into the provided field.

We are here to help: reach a friendly Proxy Rabbit Japan representative by email 7-Days a week.

You can either pay 20 or 50% at the time of placing your order and the remainder when your products are ready to ship. By planning your purchases, you could improve your budget management and avoid overspending

When all of your items are ready for shipment, you will receive a Notification email confirming:

  • the status of your orders

  • fees you must pay to Proxy Rabbit Japan for Service and handling

  • International shipping costs vary according to Japan Post's shipping options.

  • We ship your parcel quickly and safely using Japan Post express services.

Search for and select your items directly on your favorite online shopping sites

We shop for you !

Only pay what is necessary and control your budget

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proxyrabbitjapan-How to Place your Order?
proxyrabbitjapan-How to Place your Order?

You can efficiently select items without having to navigate through multiple options, streamlining your shopping experience

Frequently asked questions

Each member of our team could preorder the item you requested individually. We will place two orders for you. Please keep in mind that Bandai charges shipping on each order. We will, as always, follow your instructions.

Preorders from Premium Bandai are limited to one item per customer. Could you please place an order for two figures for me?

BOOTH suggests using Buyee to purchase and ship my item outside of Japan. Do I have to follow their instructions? I'd prefer using PRJ to submitting to Buyee.

You have complete freedom in selecting your proxy service. Choose the most convenient and most affordable option! We will do our best to place your order and ship your item promptly.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are based on a variety of factors, including the country to which the items are delivered, the size of the boxes, and the weight of the package (which includes the weight of packing materials). We recommend consulting the Japan Post website as a starting point (English page). We will send you a detailed quote as soon as your orders arrive at our warehouse.

Can I combine/split my orders?

Yes, you can combine and split both new and existing orders.

New orders can be combined with existing orders by submitting your request during the checkout process or within 7 days of receiving your shipping quote.

Such requests must be made in writing, by email ( a simple email is enough) or via our contact form.